Customer analytics

Customer analytics will give you a 360° view on your leads, prospects and clients. They are the foundation of your personalised communication. We collect all online activities, combine this with offline data, and use this as a base for segmentation, lead scoring,… All of this to optimize your omnichannel communication.

Marketing automation.

Marketing automation has been and still is a hype. Everyone wants  to start with it or want to take next steps in the use of it. The main challenges are to find the tool that fits you best and to add your data in this tool. Thanks to our experience with a wide range of tools and the integration of those tools with data warehouses, CRM’s,… we are the ideal partner to help you.

Customer engagement.

Everyone wants a 360° view on his customers and wants to be able to have a seamless multichannel conversation (e-mail, website, social, mobile, …) to create an individual relationship. This is a must to fulfill your customers expectations. The only way to achieve this is to properly implement the right tools and to use them correctly on a daily basis.


If you want to communicate on an individual level with your customer, personalization is key! Basic personalization has become evident. Today personalization should be relevant and seamless over the different channels. Personalization based on behavior, purchase history, location or the weather are already actually used by different brands. This can off course only be realized by the support specific technology.

Customer analytics.

Tools like for example Google analytics give us a larger view on what happens on our website. But what’s even more interesting is to know why this happens or to zoom in deeper on what individual clients are doing. Those insights will leverage you the necessary information for your marketing automation or customer engagement strategies.

AI/advanced technologies.

We are constantly looking for new technologies & tools which can make the life of the marketeer easier or can help you drive innovation within your business. Those technologies can give you a step ahead on your competitors. One of those technologies is off course AI (Artificial intelligence). Today AI can already be used in a very easy way to improve different marketing processes: personalization, marketing automation, predictions,…

Customer journeys.

As the customer is the center of everything, it is really important to have a view on the journey he is covering. But equally important is to be able to build the ideal customer journey for your (potential) customers. The right technology can as well help you to analyze those journeys and to create them over all your different touchpoints.


marketing & technology 

We help you find, setup and support your marketing technology.



We help you search/select the technology that fits best to your needs, analyze your current situation and look for improvements or setup a proof of concept to help you discover a new tool. Thanks to our experience within the MarTech landscape, we’ll be able to give you a personalized advice.

But most importantly, we’ll always start by listening!


Can’t understand the ‘IT language’? Or your IT team doesn’t have time to support you? We can help you with that! We will configure your marketing tools till they’re up and running and also make sure that they all work seamlessly together. We’ll make sure that they’re perfectly integrated no matter which CRM, analytics tool, data warehouse, … you are using.


You have a lack of resources, simply don’t have the time or you want to focus on other projects?  We can provide the technology or use your own tool and manage all the different tasks for you. It doesn’t matter what type of service it is or if it has to be done remotely or on site.  We’ll manage it for you and give you the time to dive into the strategy instead of the operational work.


Do you have a passion for Marketing Automation and want to join our team? Don't hesitate and contact us!


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