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Helping you find your way through the MarTech landscape and get the most out of your MarTech stack.

Where can we help?

An overview of the problems we can solve for you


You are looking for a tool but don't know where to start or simply need some help.


You don't have enough knowledge about your tool to properly use it. 


You don't have the resources or the time to manage your MarTech tool(s).


You want to optimize your campaigns by making better use of your MarTech tool(s).


You're losing a lot of time doing manual work and want to automate as much as you can. 

You want to better integrate your MarTech tools with each other or within your architecture. 

We're experienced in marketing technologies

We specialise in the right tools, for the right challenges. That’s why we don’t associate ourselves with 1 tool or vendor. We work tool independent and can fall back on our knowledge of the tools, partnerships & experience with marketing technologies.


How can we help you?

Our services.  We'll always start by listening in order to truly understand your needs.


We help you embrace and handle your MarTech tool(s) and prove it's value.


We integrate different MarTech tools with each other, or integrate it within your architecture (CRM, data warehouse,…)


We analyse your current tool(s) or stack and help you improve the setup, the integration or the use of it.


We provide experienced MarTech specialists who can help you on the job.


We take care of the setup of your new MarTech tool(s) and make sure it’s fully operational and integrated.


We look for the MarTech tool that matches best with your requirements or with the solution you want to achieve.


We tweak your tool(s) to your needs or develop app’s, flows & processes within or on top of your existing tool(s).


We give you personalised training to make you master of your tool(s) and help you get the most out of it.


Who we are

We are Comark. A pragmatic MarTech agency based in Leuven. Here below a description of our most important values. 

Blending marketing & technology

We speak the language of both marketing & IT. Thanks to this shared knowledge we manage to bridge the gap, in a world where technology is key to achieve your marketing goals & objectives.

Small steps with big results

Most of the time you don't need a complete, in depth-strategy before you can actually achieve something. By listening we can define small steps, which can lead to great results.


We like to focus on actually doing stuff! We don't offer big creative or strategic projects, but handle things in a practical way. 

Technology independent

We don't tie ourselves to a specific technology. We have focus on the solution instead of a technology, which means we search for the ideal solution to the problem, instead of the other way around or pushing certain technologies.



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