We are Comark

A pragmatic marketing technology agency based in Leuven. Let's connect!

Our values

Blending marketing & technology

By sharing knowledge in both marketing and technology, we bridge the gap between marketing goals and objectives in a technology-centred world.

Technology independent

We aim to find the best solution to your problem without tying ourselves to a particular technology.

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Pragmatic approach

The goal of our organisation is not to provide big creative or strategic projects but to assist with technical implementation. In other words, we want to do stuff for you!

Small steps,
big results

You don't always need a complete, in-depth strategy to achieve something. By listening we define small steps, which can lead to great results.

Let us know what challenges you face in MarTech.

As tech enthusiasts, we are passionate about finding smart, scalable technology solutions that can streamline processes, create transparency, and capture and visualise relevant data.

Schedule a consultation with us today for recommendations on marketing technology tools to make your marketing more efficient and meaningful.

We also like to improve marketing technology as an industry so don't hesitate to ask us for our opinion or to utilise us as a sounding board.

There’s much more to us than we can fit on an “About” page. Say hello to get to know us and learn what we can do for your brand.