Proximus – Marketing automation implementation

Migrating to a new marketing automation platform & Martech assistance


Martech Assistance & Migration

Proximus needed support implementing and migrating to a new marketing automation platform.With that, enhancing the interaction of their tools with each other and providing data exchange between them were on their wish list as well.

Last, they were asking for help with campaign set-ups and, more especially, tool management support like campaign automation, opt-out management and platform training.

In Need For Our Services As Well

What we did

We, as a team, created a link between their CRM system and the automation platform and managed the setup according to Proximus’s needs. Now they could make selections on their contacts and prospects, and communicate with them in no time. Besides the technical implementation and setup, we also created email templates and have built email automations to streamline their communications. The Proximus team also invested in our product training to master the platform and understand its full potential. Nowadays, we mainly support them on full-service campaigns: drawing up email marketing campaigns from A to Z based on Proximus’s briefings, training their users and helping them with more advanced use cases.

The next steps

Proximus regularly has a lack of time and/or a knowledge gap to send out their (more advanced) campaigns. It is, therefore, we provide ongoing support for their campaigns. Our team partially takes over the platform usability and assists them with it. Our services start from implementing HTML, making selections, to effectively sending campaigns. These campaigns can be “always-on”, which means they run automatically, or “one-shot”, meaning the email is sent only once. We sometimes execute these campaigns in consultation with a creative agency or Proximus’ internal team.


Our efforts are already paying off for Proximus. We made sure they could continue working without a communication stop during the migration from the old platform to the new one. We favour a smooth migration without feeling the impact of the transfer. Often only 10 to 30% of the features of Martech tools are being used. We, thus, believe it’s important to keep improving the usability of the tools to use them optimally. The goal of Proximus is to keep an overview, continually improve usability, provide data exchange between their systems, and enhance their day-to-day communication. Last, by consulting us, Proximus saved time. Instead of contacting their IT department, which typically means long, time-consuming projects for these kinds of corporations, we take their Martech challenges off their hands and place them in ours.