Acerta - Building a 360° customer view

Quinten Ceuppens – 17 February 2022

GDPR Compliance & Data Centralisation

Because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), organisations must be able to prove they handle customer data properly. It is therefore that the HR services group, Acerta, contacted us. Their data was spread across the organisation, and they had no clear overview of where the data was located or where their data came from. On top of that, Acerta was using an overwhelming amount of tools spread all over the organisation’s different departments. Apart from data centralisation and tool usability, they wanted to deliver more personalised messages and personalise their communication.

What we did

We started mapping out Acerta’s data and gained insight into who used which platforms. Next, we defined the needs of the various departments and tried to understand what their desires were.

Focusing on being GDPR-compliant and data centralisation, we performed a tool selection followed by product demos to see how the programs run and discovered their features. Apart from the tool selection, we implemented the technology in Acerta’s architecture to connect their data in and out of the platform. Our services didn’t just stop with tool selection and technical implementation, we also set up various automations and successfully rolled out the new tool with a company-wide transition. To transition as smooth as possible, we provided extensive product training and made sure they were all on board with the GDPR narrative.

The Next Steps

To this day, we are continually giving support and follow up on their new projects .For example, “MyAcerta”, the customer portal of Acerta, provides personalised messages or content through automation, which we set up for them. Together with Acerta, we continuously use the tool for marketing, but we started doing more and more operational communication with this tool as well.


We centralised their data management, which is now GDPR proof. When someone subscribes to a certain contact list or when someone deletes or cancels their subscription, is being easily registered. Apart from data centralisation, we synchronised the tool with their CRM system. Being able to work with just one platform gave Acerta a clear overview of all communication in a user-friendly manner. The tool enabled Acerta to make communication more relevant. They now deliver personalised emails and provide personalised messages on “MyAcerta” based on job position or department. Meaning that someone working in HR doesn’t get the same content as someone in the accounting department. By helping them with their Martech stack, we improved their time management and the effectiveness of their email campaigns by increasing the open rates and click-through rates (CTR’s).