Sportpaleis: A 360-degree customer view with marketing automation and personalised campaigns

Quinten Ceuppens – 28 July 2021



Tele Ticket Service/Sportpaleis Group came to Comark with a straightforward request: we have outgrown our current email marketing tool and want to send more personalised and relevant messages to our clients. Although they were already sending messages to their customers, they had no clear 360-degree view of them. They were struggling with endless manual work. Tele Ticket Service needed an automated system that saved time and effort, such as database management tasks, by automating data import and export sessions, template management, and so on… At last, they wanted to go beyond email marketing with multichannel marketing automation.

What we did

To pull this off, we mapped out their current Martech tools and located all their existing data. In dialogue with the Sportpaleis Group, we selected Acoustic as a new marketing technology tool to replace the one they outgrew (MailChimp). It provides marketing automation features, such as data management. Apart from the tool selection, we successfully implemented the technology in the Tele Ticket Service’s architecture to connect their data back and forth to the tool. Our services didn’t just stop with tool selection and technical implementation, we also set up various automations and gave the team personalised on-the-job support and product training to master this tool and understand its full potential.

The next steps

In collaboration with the Sportpaleis Group team, we believe it’s important to keep improving the usability of their Martech tools. Our goal is to provide a more personalised customer experience by constantly improving multichannel marketing automation, using more personalisation, enhancing segmentation, and continually following up on customers’ interests and actions. Having time to spare for analysing data, testing ideas, setting up innovative communication and especially more strategic thinking are a plus as well.


As a result, we introduced a new tool that unifies all customer data and offers a 360-degree view of their clients. We certainly wanted to make the best use of customer data going from purchase data, customer behaviour to certain interests shown on their website. By helping them with this, we improved the time management of the Sportpaleis Group, which now saves one working day per week thanks to marketing automation. While they now send fewer emails, they deliver more personalised content focusing on improved targeting, for example, those users with an abandoned shopping cart.

Last but not least, we provided more room for analyses, strategic thinking and especially less operational work.