Acoustic Campaign, formerly known as Watson Campaign Automation, is a marketing tool we use daily. It is very versatile and has many different uses. You can create as many databases as you’d like. By using relational and child relational tables you can store even more data related to your contact, but don’t want in your main database. Think order details or information about an event you’re organizing. Best of all, you can also use the data stored in these relational tables for personalization!

Personalized emails play a huge part in customer engagement, and WCA offers the opportunity to make them. As previously mentioned, you can use any value from any field from your database, relational or child relational table for personalization.

To automate your emails, you can use Programs or Automated messages. Here you can define who should receive them and what criteria they need to fulfill to get them. These criteria can be anything from a certain value in your database or a contacts web behavior.

It’s only natural that you’d want to see the results of your mailing after it has launched. With WCA’s Report Center or Performance Insights this is very easy. Here you get to see all the metrics you need concerning emails.

You can also make landing pages and forms in WCA, which is very useful for collecting data of your customers.

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