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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Collect, centralise & analyse customer data

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are specialised tools designed to collect, centralise, and manage customer data from various touchpoints and channels you communicate with. This allows you to obtain a 360° customer view, while Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) primarily focus on sales support.


CDPs provide a 360° view of customer interactions, behaviours, preferences, and transactions. With this increased data, customer segmentation becomes more refined. Using various criteria, CDPs allow you to categorise your customer base; this boosts targeted marketing and guarantees a more personalised and engaging experience for different segments of your customer audience. And personalisation is a key factor that customers increasingly seek in today’s market!


Many companies are unfamiliar with CDPs and the various types available, as it’s a new and upcoming technology. The challenge lies in making the right decisions when there’s a lack of knowledge, such as determining implementation strategies and structuring teams appropriately.

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We help you choose and implement the right CDP tools the right way. But even before we do that, we review whether it’s necessary to set up a CDP.

If you already have a CRM system implemented with a Marketing Automation platform, does a CDP add value to your business?  Let’s find out!

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