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SEO versus SEA: what's the difference?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), involves enhancing your website to achieve higher rankings in the organic search results. In short, it’s about improving visibility without paying for it. However, investing in SEO doesn’t yield immediate results; the focus is on long-term outcomes.

If you want faster results, Search Engine Advertising (SEA) may be what you’re looking for; you pay to place advertisements on search engines. When a user searches for terms that match the keywords you advertise on, your ads will appear at the top, above the organic search results.


Making your website SEO-friendly has several benefits. Your company will rank higher on search engines, increasing visibility and driving more traffic to your website. In addition, search engines view top-ranking results as more credible sources. And since you’re not paying for high rankings, SEO efforts are more cost-effective and yield long-term results.

When a company starts advertising (SEA), these ads are immediately visible, providing instant results. Additionally, you can target specific audiences by defining them beforehand. Furthermore, the results of your efforts are measurable, allowing you to adjust and optimise your campaigns quickly.

Although SEO and SEA seem like two distinct aspects, they complement each other. In essence, your organic content is the backbone of your website, which is necessary to succeed in your advertising efforts.


Analysing and optimising your website can be time-consuming. It begins with keyword research and adapting your content based on the results. On top of that, given the endless adjustments to algorithms, SEO strategies must constantly evolve to maintain their relevance.

Additionally, setting up advertisements also brings some challenges. When discussing SEA, finding the most appropriate advertising keywords and tailoring content is essential, as it directly influences the placement of advertisements based on their relevance.

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The primary goal is not to advertise indiscriminately. Thanks to integration with CDPs, you can also better identify your target audiences effectively.

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