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From Social Monitoring to Social Listening to improve your Social Media Marketing strategy

When talking about social media marketing, you distribute content to your target audience across various social media channels. Creating engaging and relevant content that resonates with their interests and needs is essential to get them highly involved. Thanks to social monitoring and listening, you can accurately assess what your target audience finds important. 

Social (Media) Monitoring involves observing what others say about your product, brand, or service on different social media platforms, including online mentions, hashtags, likes, and shares in real time. Taking it a step further, social listening involves delving deeper into the meaning behind online conversations about your product. You aim to understand the specific contexts and reasons that drive online conversations, mentions, and discussions. It goes beyond simply tracking mentions of your product or brand.


Monitoring public discussions provides valuable insights into how the public perceives a particular brand or product; this allows you to enhance products and services and identify emerging trends, therefore staying ahead of the competition by reacting more swiftly to changing needs and preferences.

Understanding what resonates with the public also allows you to tailor your marketing and communication strategies to your target audience. It streamlines engagement with the public and facilitates the management of your company’s online reputation.


With an enormous amount of information available, it’s a challenge to identify relevant data and interpret it accurately to derive valuable insights to make the right decisions and develop your social media strategy. Additionally, it can be challenging to determine the sentiment behind social media messages. Because of this, it is vital to continuously refine your sentiment analysis algorithms to distinguish between sarcasm, irony, and genuine feelings.

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